What is the Per-Capita Self-Storage Square Footage for your County?

TUESDAY, MAR 15, 2022

The three fastest-growing big U.S. counties through 2026 have two things in common: They’re all in Texas, and they all either exceed or come close to having the average amount of self-storage space per U.S. resident, according to an analysis of TractIQ data.

The Dallas suburb of Kaufman County, which is expected to add 8.6 percent to its 145,500 population, reported 9.4 square feet per resident, far more than the 8-square-foot national average. Comal County, an Austin exurb expected to grow 7.5 percent, reported 9.8 square feet of storage per resident. Williamson County, another Austin suburb, is expected to add 6.9 percent to its 624,900 population; it has 7.8 square feet of storage per person.

Use TractIQ’s self-storage mapping capability to look at the per-capita self-storage square footage for your county.



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Author: Frank Bass

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