Unlocking the Secret to Space: Exploring the Relationship between Home Size and Self-Storage Availability in Top U.S. Counties

THURSDAY, MAR 16, 2023

There’s plenty of room for growth in some of the nation’s counties that apparently most value space. Eight of the 10 U.S. counties with the largest median number of rooms in a house report lower-than-average amounts of self-storage space, according to a TractIQ analysis of 2017-21 American Community Survey data.

The typical home in Morgan County, Utah, has 10 rooms, but the average resident only has 7.73 square feet of self-storage space, slightly less than the 8 square feet for the typical American. In Forsyth County, Ga., and Williamson County, Tenn., where the median home has 7.7 rooms, residents only have access to 5.15 square feet of self-storage space. The biggest difference was found in Loudoun County, Va. The typical home in Washington, D.C., suburb has 7.4 rooms, but the average resident only has access to 3.7 square feet of self-storage space.

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Author: Frank Bass

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