TractIQ Analysis Reveals the Enormous Scale of Self-Storage in the US: Over 2.7 Billion Square Feet Built

SUNDAY, APR 23, 2023

How much self-storage space is there in the United States? A TractIQ analysis of survey data finds roughly 2.7 billion square feet of self-storage has been built in the country. That’s about 96 square miles – enough to completely cover the cities of Milwaukee, Wis., or Des Moines, Iowa.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the amount of square footage comes close to correlating with county size. Harris County, Texas, the home of the nation’s fourth-largest city, has 65 million square feet of self-storage space, the most in the country. It’s followed by Los Angeles County (53.3 million); Maricopa County, Ariz. (41.6 million); Cook County, Ill. (34.6 million); and Dallas County, Texas (31.1 million).

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Author: Frank Bass

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