The Self-Storage Disparity: Why America’s Densest Counties Are Struggling for Space

THURSDAY, MAR 02, 2023

It stands to reason that the densest places in the United States are the ones most in need of self-storage space. After all, density implies a crowded population, and everyone in a dense environment probably could use a little extra space. But a TractIQ analysis of 2017-21 American Community Survey finds none of the 10 densest counties in the United States – none – come even close to the average 8 square feet of self-storage space that the average American enjoys.

New York County residents, who live with 73,667 other people per square mile, have access to 1.52 square feet of self-storage space. Only Queens County, N.Y., residents, who live with 22,011 people per square mile, have less, with 1.51 square feet of storage space for the average person. San Francisco County, Calif., residents have access to 1.6 square feet of storage space, despite living with 18,458 other  people per square mile. The most self-storage space per resident among the 10 densest counties is found in Hudson County, where the average resident has access to 3.7 square feet of self-storage space while living with 15,441 other people per square mile.

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Author: Frank Bass

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