Surplus of Self-Storage Space in Least-Dense U.S. Counties: An Analysis of TractIQ Data

THURSDAY, MAR 09, 2023

You might think there would be little use for self-storage spaces in the least-dense counties in the United States. After all, low density usually means more individual space. But a TractIQ analysis of 2017-21 American Community Survey data finds four of the least-dense U.S. counties with more than 25,000 residents have a surplus of self-storage space, compared to the national average of 8 square feet per person.

In Nye County, Nev., the average resident has 7.29 square feet of self-storage space and a population density of 2.76 people per square mile. Elko County, Nev., the second-least-dense county in the country, offers 8.55 square feet of self-storage space per resident. Among the 10 least-dense counties, Churchill County, Nev., reported 18.06 square feet of self-storage space for each person, almost double the 9.44 square feet in Sweetwater County, Wyo. Park County, Wyo., with a density of 4.27 people per square mile, has 8.72 square feet of storage space per resident.

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Author: Frank Bass

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