Some of the Most Densely Populated States Have the Lowest Per-Capita Self-Storage Square Footage

TUESDAY, MAR 29, 2022

Some of the most densely populated states have the lowest per-capita self-storage square footage rates in the U.S., according to a TractIQ analysis. The District of Columbia, New York, Hawaii, and Massachusetts all have fewer than 3 square feet of storage space for each resident, far less than the national average of 8 square feet per capita.

The District of Columbia has 2.01 square feet per resident, the lowest figure in the nation. It’s followed by New York (2.44 square feet per resident), Hawaii (2.78 square feet), and Massachusetts (2.81 square feet).

Use TractIQ’s self-storage mapping capability to look at the per-capita self-storage square footage per capita for your state.



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Author: Frank Bass

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