Northeast Dominates Top Counties with High Concentrations of Climate-Controlled Facilities

MONDAY, APR 10, 2023

There appears to be a pretty clear correlation between population density and climate-controlled self-storage, according to a TractIQ review of facilities. Eight of the top 10 counties with the highest concentrations of climate-controlled self-storage facilities are in the Northeast.

Among counties with 25 or more self-storage facilities, Union County, N.J., leads the list, with 42 climate-controlled facilities of its 43 total self-storage spaces – a 97.9 percent rate. It’s followed by the District of Columbia (27/28, 96.4 percent), and Bronx County, N.Y., and Queens County, N.Y. (63/67, 94 percent, and 78/83, 94 percent). It’s likely that the concentration of climate-controlled facilities in large areas is due to space concerns, rather than weather concerns, since land in heavily urban areas is typically more expensive than in less-populated areas.

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Author: Frank Bass

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