New TractIQ Self Storage Updates are Here!


More TractIQ Self Storage updates await on our platform.  

As always, we’ve been working hard to enhance our capabilities and resources and have recently updated our platform to bring you the most up-to-date data features and capabilities.   You can now enjoy a heightened data analysis experience through our newest updates. 

Here’s what’s new in TractIQ Self Storage! 

Download PDFs for all Three Location Profile Types

So, you’ve found your location of interest and are ready to get deep data insights. TractIQ Self Storage has now enabled you to download PDF documents of those insights for all three available location profiles. Profiles include: 

  • Demography

  • Opportunity

  • Storage Rental Prices 

Simply click on the PDF button in the right-hand menu to get all the insights you need in a matter of seconds.

Download PDFs for all three location profiles

Updated Construction Sites

We updated our construction sites and now have a total of 1357 new construction sites available for your analysis needs on TractIQ Self Storage. All construction sites include a large array of data including the address, city, state, zip code, square feet, county, project category, and project description.  

Help Us Improve Our Data

If by any chance you notice an error in our data or a missing facility, feel free to use the Report a missing facility button on the bottom right corner of our maps application. This helps us keep our data up-to-date and accurate for you! You are also free to send us your feedback straight from maps by clicking on the send feedback button in the top right corner of the maps header.

Help us improve our data by reporting missing facilities and sending us your feedback!

Also, if you notice an error on any of our pinned self storage units or construction sites, feel free to use the suggest edit link on the informational pop-up to help us improve your data experience.

Use the suggest edit link on any of our pinned self storage units or construction sites

With these new updates and improvements to our platform, our users and self storage professionals will gain more in-depth data insights that will help drive successful business decisions. 

Want to learn more about TractIQ Self Storage? Sign up for a free demo to understand how our platform can provide endless benefits to your business and decision making.

Author: Hana Trokic

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