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SUNDAY, MAR 26, 2023

TractIQ Self Storage offers a comprehensive platform that provides businesses with key supply and demand drivers in their respective markets.

Looking for key supply & demand drivers in your markets? TractIQ Self Storage delivers these (and many other) metrics quickly and efficiently:

  • Current Average Rental Rates
  • Percentage of Drive-up and Climate Control Supply
  • Square Footage and Square Foot per Capita
  • Population and Population Growth Estimates
  • Median Income
  • Important Historical Rental Rate Trends

TractIQ consolidates a broad spectrum of diverse data and provides unlimited reports and powerful filtering tools to help businesses target acquisition and development opportunities and maximize ROI. Find your area of interest on our maps

The platform includes a nationwide database of approximately 58,000 self-storage facilities, including 2,000 new facilities under construction or development, with information such as:

  • Facility type (drive-up, indoor or multi-story)

  • Square Footage

  • Year Built

  • Climate Control Options

  • Parcel & Zoning Descriptions

TractIQ's new facility filtration feature allows businesses to search for individual facilities that meet specific criteria, such as facilities built prior to the year 2000, facilities with low cost per square foot, and facilities with additional acreage for expansion.

TractIQ's platform is designed to be accurate, accessible, and affordable, providing businesses with the information they need to succeed in the self-storage industry.

The Price Is Right

As we continue to expand our data offering, we will also continue to add and update our pricing data to give you the most accurate and up-to-date data in the self storage industry.

Did you already explore our new pricing data? What did you like most about it? Is there anything you think we should add? Please let us know by sending your comments, suggestions, and feedback here. We would love to hear from you.

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Author: Perry Kraft

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