High Homeownership, Low Self-Storage Growth: A Look at the Relationship in U.S. Counties

SUNDAY, APR 30, 2023

U.S. counties with the highest percentages of owner-occupied housing are among the places that are expected to post the slowest growth for self-storage facilities, according to a TractIQ review of survey data. Among places  with more than 25 existing self-storage facilities, Lapeer County, Mich., with a homeownership rate of 88 percent,  has no additional self-storage planned or being built.

Citrus County, Fla., where 86.9 percent of households are owned, also has no new facilities planned or being built. It’s followed by Fayette County, Ga., where five new facilities are being planned or built, adding to its 25 existing self-storage facilities.

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Author: Frank Bass

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