Crisis in America’s Family-Oriented Counties: Inadequate Self-Storage Availability despite Growing Demand

FRIDAY, MAR 24, 2023

Only two of the nation’s 10 most family-oriented counties have more than the national 8-square-foot average of self-storage space for every resident, according to a TractIQ review of 2017-21 American Community Survey data. All except one of the counties (Stafford County, Va.) are located in fast-growing Sunbelt states such as Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Families make up 82.2 percent of households in Fort Bend County, Texas. The typical resident of the Houston suburb, however, only has 6.33 square feet of self-storage space available. The lowest figure among the top 10 counties with high percentages of families was found in Hidalgo County, Texas. The border metropolis, where families make up 79.8 percent of households, averages 3.84 square feet of self-storage space for each resident.

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Author: Frank Bass

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