Check Out These New TractIQ Self Storage Updates!

FRIDAY, APR 29, 2022

Always striving to provide the latest and up-to-date data relevant to the self storage industry, TractIQ Self Storage has been meticulously updating and adding new datasets and features that will enable professionals to make better, data-driven business decisions with complete confidence. 

We have been working hard to enhance our capabilities and resources and have recently updated our data features to heighten your analysis experience.  

Here’s what’s new in TractIQ Self Storage!

Coverage Improvement on the Pricing Front!

Currently, TractIQ Self Storage has 9,300 facilities with pricing, an improvement from the previous 6,800 self storage units. We are continuously working on updating our pricing data, and users can expect continuous and significant improvements in the pricing coverage.

For a more in-depth read about our pricing data check out our blog post here.

TractIQ Self Storage offers extensive pricing data for facilities all across the U.S.

Added Demographic and Opportunity Charts in Location Insights

Along with storage rental prices and pricing data, we added demographic and opportunity data and charts to our insights. 

Much like how you get pricing data from a radius, drive, walking, or cycling time analysis, we have now added the option to receive demographic and opportunity data from these analyses as well. 

Need a refresher on how to gain pricing data on our platform? Read our blog post here

Simply choose up to three radii, click Get Insights and an abundance of data is waiting for you to be explored. 

From population, population growth, housing, housing starts, income, travel time, square footage, and self storage units, all of this data is a few clicks away thanks to this new addition. 

The data and charts allows users to gain quicker and more detailed insights through our interactive and intuitive maps and also visualizes demographic and opportunity datasets for a better understanding of your area of interest.

We added demographic and opportunity data and charts to our insights

Cleaning Up Our Construction Database

We combed through all of our marked construction sites to see which ones should be converted into operating facilities. This clean-up gives users more accurate insights into self storage potential in their areas of interest.

In addition to functioning facilitates, our platform shows incoming construction sites in any area of interest

Updated Facilities and Construction Sites

We added about 6,000 new facilities and construction sites to our self-storage database. More importantly, we cleaned up our database by running our new database-wide deduplication algorithm to get rid of many duplicate values. Through our deduplication method, along with our manual checks, we were able to identify over 800 definite duplicates that were removed from our database.

We updated our construction sites and facilities and got rid of redundant duplicates

Help Us Improve Our Data

If by any chance you notice an error in our data or a missing facility, feel free to use the Report a missing facility button on the bottom right corner of our maps application. This helps us keep our data up-to-date and accurate for you! You are also free to send us your feedback straight from maps by clicking on the send feedback button in the top right corner of the maps header.

Help us improve our data by reporting missing facilities and sending us your feedback!

Also, if you notice an error on any of our pinned self storage units or construction sites, feel free to use the suggest edit link on the informational pop-up to help us improve your data experience.

Use the suggest edit link on any of our pinned self storage units or construction sites

With these new updates and improvements to our platform, our users and self storage professionals will gain more in-depth data insights that will help drive successful business decisions. 

Want to learn more about TractIQ Self Storage? Sign up for a free demo to understand how our platform can provide endless benefits to your business and decision making.

Author: Hana Trokic

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