Self-Storage Surge: Fastest-Growing Metro Counties Set to Expand with Record Number of Facilities

The greatest number of new self-storage facilities are planned – predictably – in some of the nation’s fastest-growing metro counties, according to a TractIQ analysis of proprietary data. Developers in Harris County, Texas, plan to add 300 new facilities to the current 528, adding more than 2.1 million square feet of self-storage space. The Houston

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Upcoming Boost in Self-Storage Capacity: Multiple Counties Predicted to Increase by 40% or More

A half-dozen counties are expected to increase their square footage of self-storage by 40 percent or more, according to a TractIQ analysis of proprietary data. Dawson County, Neb., is likely to expand its self-storage capacity by 90.9 percent, adding 146,000 square feet to its current 14,581 square feet. The Nebraska county is trailed by Panola

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Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Dominates East Coast: TractIQ Analysis Reveals Top Counties for Climate-Controlled Facilities

The highest percentage of climate-controlled self-storage units are located along the East Coast, according to a TractIQ analysis of data. Seven of the 10 counties with the highest percentage of climate-controlled facilities are located in New York and New Jersey; two are in Florida, and one is the District of Columbia. Slightly more than 97

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High Homeownership, Low Self-Storage Growth: A Look at the Relationship in U.S. Counties

U.S. counties with the highest percentages of owner-occupied housing are among the places that are expected to post the slowest growth for self-storage facilities, according to a TractIQ review of survey data. Among places  with more than 25 existing self-storage facilities, Lapeer County, Mich., with a homeownership rate of 88 percent,  has no additional self-storage

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TractIQ Analysis Reveals the Enormous Scale of Self-Storage in the US: Over 2.7 Billion Square Feet Built

How much self-storage space is there in the United States? A TractIQ analysis of survey data finds roughly 2.7 billion square feet of self-storage has been built in the country. That’s about 96 square miles – enough to completely cover the cities of Milwaukee, Wis., or Des Moines, Iowa. Perhaps not surprisingly, the amount of

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Self-Storage Facilities Thriving in the Eastern United States, with New York City Suburbs Leading the Way in Growth

There are roughly 54,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., with another 2,000 either planned or being built. The fastest-growing markets are all located in the eastern United States, according to a TractIQ review of survey data. Among counties with more than 25 existing self-storage facilities, New York City suburbs lead the list for growth. Westchester

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Northeast Dominates Top Counties with High Concentrations of Climate-Controlled Facilities

There appears to be a pretty clear correlation between population density and climate-controlled self-storage, according to a TractIQ review of facilities. Eight of the top 10 counties with the highest concentrations of climate-controlled self-storage facilities are in the Northeast. Among counties with 25 or more self-storage facilities, Union County, N.J., leads the list, with 42

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New Features TractIQ Self Storage

TractIQ Self Storage offers a comprehensive platform that provides businesses with key supply and demand drivers in their respective markets. Looking for key supply & demand drivers in your markets? TractIQ Self Storage delivers these (and many other) metrics quickly and efficiently: Current Average Rental Rates Percentage of Drive-up and Climate Control Supply Square Footage

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Crisis in America’s Family-Oriented Counties: Inadequate Self-Storage Availability despite Growing Demand

Only two of the nation’s 10 most family-oriented counties have more than the national 8-square-foot average of self-storage space for every resident, according to a TractIQ review of 2017-21 American Community Survey data. All except one of the counties (Stafford County, Va.) are located in fast-growing Sunbelt states such as Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and

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Unlocking the Secret to Space: Exploring the Relationship between Home Size and Self-Storage Availability in Top U.S. Counties

There’s plenty of room for growth in some of the nation’s counties that apparently most value space. Eight of the 10 U.S. counties with the largest median number of rooms in a house report lower-than-average amounts of self-storage space, according to a TractIQ analysis of 2017-21 American Community Survey data. The typical home in Morgan

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